Tasting Event, Barry Mangilow v.2, and T-shirts!

Hello All!

Sorry that the updates have been few and far between lately. Things have been crazy outside of BBxB, and just haven’t been able to get stuff posted here. So this will be a longer post to let you know what you’ve missed!

Pouring Beer

Ryan pouring some Inked while Manny talks beer – Photo by Flipintex Fotos

First, we had a tasting event in Helotes at GG’s House, a neighborhood boutique. It was a great event, and we got to meet lots of cool people. Thanks to everyone one that made it out, thanks to everyone that left us feedback, thanks to everyone that had conversations with us, and thanks to everyone who donated, which helped offset some of the out-of-pocket costs we had. We hope everyone had fun. We weren’t as happy with some of the beers we served as we could have been, but we really did enjoy all the conversations and all of the people we met.

Barry Mangilow

Next up, we brewed our Mango Triple IPA, Barry Mangilow, again. But this time, we took it from somewhat NE IPA inspired to full on NE Triple IPA. This beer – 5.5 gallons of it – has nearly a pound of hops (Equinox, Huell Melon, and Azacca) and 3.5 pounds of mango puree. We’re really excited to see how this version comes out, as Manny and Ryan are both big fans of the NE IPA style (we enjoy our IPAs less bitter and more aromatic).

BBB Blue

The BBxB “Hops” Logo

Finally, we had a Kickstarter campaign to get t-shirts ordered from Fine Southern Gentlemen in Austin, and it was successful! So we are now gathering information and waiting for our payout from Kickstarter, then we will be putting our Blue Hops logo on a light grey shirt. If you were unable to get in on the Kickstarter campaign but want a shirt, email Ryan@brazenbexarbrewing.com ASAP. They are $17 (+shipping if you are not local where we can arrange to meet up to deliver it to you) and payment can be made via PayPal, USAA Pay, or Zelle.

We have decided that we are going to “slow our roll” a bit and instead of moving forward right now to look for investors, we are going to start entering our beers into competitions, so we can get some true validation that we are making products people want to buy. Everyone loves free beer. We need to know that what we are making is something that we can count on to repay a potential investor, so we are looking to verify that. Hopefully we can meet up with you sometime soon and share a cold one.



Hi All,

I realized it’s been a bit since we’ve updated anyone on here.  Sorry for the slack, life and excuses and whatnot.  The last brew day we posted was for Nebula, and since then we’ve brewed a new, funkier version of Bogues Beauregarde (our Brettanomyces Saison), and #lovewon (an imperial version of our Rye Amber Ale).  In addition, we’ve bottled Whizdoodle (our Blueberry Sour) and Whipple Scrumptious Blueberry Delight (our Blueberry Brettanomyces Saison).  Plus, just for fun, we made our first cider and pitched it on the blueberries and yeast cake from Whizdoodle, to make a sour blueberry cider.

We are looking to get a tasting event, and a potential investor event, going in the April timeframe.  By that point we will have brewed our hoppy beers so they will be nice and fresh and ready to serve.  We are looking for a space that can hold these events, so if you know anyone/anywhere, please email Ryan@brazenbexarbrewing.com with info!  Our requirements would be that it is a space that is NOT licensed to sell alcohol, we can set up at least some sort of temporary cooking apparatus in the space if there is not already a stove, and it can hold a decent amount of people.


In the meantime we are looking forward to checking out some of the more experimental BBxB creations and sharing them with you!


Whipple Scrumptious Blueberry Delight in our new taster glass

Welcome to Brazen BeXar Brewing!

Hello world!  I’d like to introduce you to Brazen BeXar Brewing (BBxB).  This is the temporary website for our new brewery/brewpub to be!

BBxB intends to create 2 lineups: our standard, all the time kind of beers, and our Brazen beers, the more experimental stuff!

Please keep up with us here as we start talking about what is to come!