*Double* Brew Day: Tetahi e Waru Tekau (aka 81) and Cap’n ‘Murica

So in getting prepped for our event later this month, we decided to double up on this brewday and brew 2 different beers that use the same yeast, so we could ferment them at the same time.  First up was version 2 of Tetahi e Waru Tekau aka 81, our Imperial New Zealand IPA.  The last time we brewed 81, it was a combination of American and NZ hops, but in trying to go with a NZ theme (the name is the Māori word for 81) we changed the hop bill to Pacific Gem, Pacific Jade, and NZ Hallertau aka Wakatau.  This time around we also upped the variety of hop additions to make a more interesting beer.

Vorlauf on 81.  All images © 2015 BBxB

Vorlauf on 81. All images © 2015 BBxB

The crazy hopping schedule.

The crazy hopping schedule.

Once we had the boil going, we cleaned out the mash tun (and for about the first time ever, EVER, we didn’t spill a bunch of grain on the ground… or on my feet!) to get prepared for Cap’n ‘Murica.  This is our Pale Ale that is dry hopped with Citra.  It was our first Homebrew Competition entry, and it took 3rd so that’s not too shabby!

Mashing the CM

Mashing the CM

Hops go in... tasty elixir comes out

Hops go in… tasty elixir comes out

Today we used dry yeast that we did not do a starter on, and that was a first-in-a-long-time.  I think next time the starter will most certainly be made, because both beers took quite a bit longer to get going than I’d like (81 more so).  Our original gravities ended up a bit low on both brews, but not too too much, so we’ll see if there’s a significant difference in the end.  This is why we’re brewing so much now: to get our recipes dialed in.

The tastiest of steam...

The tastiest of steam…

...makes the tastiest of steam baths!

…makes the tastiest of steam baths!

And recipes… if you want to come try some… you can.  Soon.  You can even buy a glass if you so desire.  See our Facebook page for more details!!! http://www.facebook.com/BrazenBeXarBrewing

Limited edition (144) first BBxB glass, available for $6

Limited edition (144) first BBxB glass, available for $6

Brew Day Playlist:

Suicide Machines – Destruction by Definition
That Handsome Devil – Jungle Book
Jurassic 5 – Power in Numbers
Atmosphere – Seven’s Travels
Clutch – Blast Tyrant
MC Frontalot – Question Bedtime
NOFX – White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean
Wu Tang Clan & Jimi Hendrix – Black Gold