Hi All,

I realized it’s been a bit since we’ve updated anyone on here.  Sorry for the slack, life and excuses and whatnot.  The last brew day we posted was for Nebula, and since then we’ve brewed a new, funkier version of Bogues Beauregarde (our Brettanomyces Saison), and #lovewon (an imperial version of our Rye Amber Ale).  In addition, we’ve bottled Whizdoodle (our Blueberry Sour) and Whipple Scrumptious Blueberry Delight (our Blueberry Brettanomyces Saison).  Plus, just for fun, we made our first cider and pitched it on the blueberries and yeast cake from Whizdoodle, to make a sour blueberry cider.

We are looking to get a tasting event, and a potential investor event, going in the April timeframe.  By that point we will have brewed our hoppy beers so they will be nice and fresh and ready to serve.  We are looking for a space that can hold these events, so if you know anyone/anywhere, please email Ryan@brazenbexarbrewing.com with info!  Our requirements would be that it is a space that is NOT licensed to sell alcohol, we can set up at least some sort of temporary cooking apparatus in the space if there is not already a stove, and it can hold a decent amount of people.


In the meantime we are looking forward to checking out some of the more experimental BBxB creations and sharing them with you!


Whipple Scrumptious Blueberry Delight in our new taster glass

Brew Day: Nebula

Our first brew of 2017 is our Belgian style Tripel, Nebula.  The name comes from the fact that the recipe is mostly a standard Tripel, but with the addition of Galaxy hops for aroma.  The brew day was fun – we had additional help from our friends Andy and Clarissa.  Clarissa is just learning about brewing, so she came along for the educational opportunities, and I’m sure the games and beers didn’ hurt the situation either!

We also recently purchased our own grain mill, because the grain we get from our LHS is never milled very well, unfortunately.  We even ask that it go through the mill a few times, and our efficiency is still much lower than would be expected.  To try to up that efficiency, we purchased our own… but unfortunately it did not come with all of the pieces we needed to get it up and running and we bought the wrong hardware.  SO, back to the LHS to get it milled before we start.

The brew day had its ups and downs.  First off, it was actually REALLY COLD here in San Antonio, to the tune of 20 something degrees when we first got started.  For this recipe we decided to do a 3-step mash to help give the beer more body but still end pretty dry, and we think that the cold was throwing things off in the calculations.  We were over our temp on the first rest (and never got it down to what it should have been), we were over on the 2nd step (but we were able to get it right), and we were almost under on the third, but in the ned we got it working.  We will see how the mash issues affect the final beer. Who knows, maybe the rests that we ended with will be better than what we planned (it’s possible…)

On the good side, we were very close on our pre-boil gravity, we git plenty of wort, and we had some really active yeast that was spun up from a very expired vial.  Also, we drank some great beers, and enjoyed some fun games.  In addition to our standard Exploding Kittens (and a little Yahtzee at the end), Clarissa brought Cards Against Humanity which was a nice addition.  Additionally, as of this morning (maybe 16 hours after pitching the yeast), the krausen is kicking, so we know those yeasties are excited to be in their new home.  Nebula has one of the oddest fermentation schedules of any of our beers, so the next two weeks we will continue to adjust, and we will see what we get in the end.  Delicousness.  That’s the goal.

Brew Day Playlist:
Run the Jewels: RtJ3
Algorhythms: EELRIJUE
Inside Out: No Spiritual Surrender
That Handsome Devil: A City Dressed in Dynamite
TOOL: Undertow
Madvilliany 2: The Madlib Remix
Soul Coughing: The Brooklynites

Brew Day: Nebula (v.3) and Supernova

After many, many, many years of refusing, I finally gave in and bought a setup to keg my beer.  I gave in for a few reasons… I have WAY too many bottles cluttering up my garage (and found a broken bomber out there just before we started brewing, no bueno), a lot of the more popular competitions here in town require kegged beer and Manny and I want to start competing, and it’s just sweet to be able to go pour yourself a draft at home.  If I want a 1/2 a glass, I can do that and not have to worry about wasting the rest of the bottle.  So I went on Craigslist and found a good double-tap kegerator, and got all the fixings to make it work with some corny kegs.  So now we have this.


Yes, I made a chalk board tap list. Shut up.

So of course, since there are kegs to be filled, we needed to fill some kegs!  I decided it was time to try our nearly traditional tripel, Nebula, again.  In the past it has been too hop forward, so I dialed down the bitterness and got rid of the dry hopping.  We still use Magnum for the bittering (which is pretty traditional) and Galaxy for the aroma (which is not), but no dry hopping on Nebula this time.  Also, we switched yeasts and are experimenting with Northeast Abbey Yeast from the Yeast Bay (aka the Ommegang house yeast strain, supposedly).


Mmm hops

However, since Manny and I are both fans of hops, we made 2 batches of Nebula, and are dry hopping one of them.  Dry hopped Nebula has been dubbed Supernova.

nebual and supernova

Nebula (L) and Supernova (R)

So we decided we’d make a big double batch of Nebula and have them side by side for the first tapping of the kegerator.  While our mash tun fit the 26.5 pounds of grain, the 8.5 gallons of water to go on top was a bit of a stretch!  We only got about 7 in, so we had to make our first sparge a bit larger than normal.  I was actually surprised, we didn’t lose very much efficiency even with the unintentional changes… the recipe was slated to hit 1.083 SG and we got to 1.080, so if the yeast ferments out as much as it should, we will be sitting at about 8.27%, only about a 1/4 of a percent lower than expected.  C’mon yeasties, do your thing!


Popped a bottle of the #150.

We had a pretty packed brewday, as there were the most guests we’ve ever had in one day. Which made for some fun rounds of Exploding Kittens (so much better with 5 people instead of 2!) Overall, besides the mash tun issue, everything went pretty darn smooth.  Two brews in a row of smoothness.  I could get used to that.  I PROBABLY JUST JINXED IT.


Manny stirs as Mike adds some sugar to the brew.





So in about 10 days we will keg these, and not long after we will have the reveal party!  Woot!  Until next time, cheers.


Smellovision needs to be invented. Please scratch your screen… and imagine.

Brew Day Playlist:
Smashing Pumpkins: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness: Dawn to Dusk
Mega Gem: Colors of the West
Propellerheads: Decksanddrumsandrockandroll
Queens of the Stone Age: Era Vulgaris
Incubus: Fungus Amongus
Prophets of Rage: Zen Gravy
Primus: Suck on This
Beastie Boys: The Mix Up
Pearl Jam: Vs.

Brew Day: Nebula (v2)

We were invited to come out to Home Brew Party’s grand re-opening on October 4th (Facebook event info here, please come!) so we decided to brew a batch of Nebula for the event.  This time we are shooting for a drier, hoppier version of the original recipe.  We mashed in lower, for longer, to add the dryness and we greatly upped the amount of aroma and dry hops added to the beer.  Along for the ride today was our friend Alex, who just bottled his first batch of homebrew ever (congrats)!

Nebula's first runnings... running.

Nebula’s first runnings… running.

#150 vacates the barrel.

#150 vacates the barrel.

Because we can’t make it simple around here at BBxB, we also bottled #150 out of the whiskey barrel at the same time.  We are so, SO excited about this beer.  We had some that didn’t quite fill up the last bottle, and it’s going to be really good.  Right now the aroma is amazing.  The beer itself is quite hot and strongly bitter, but that’s why we really don’t expect this one to be drinking right until 3-6 months from now, maybe longer.  But on top of that, this one is built to last and I expect #150 to have layers of added complexity over the next 1, 2, probably at least 5 years.  We’ll see what I say about it in 5 years!



...go in with a little help from our little friends

…go in with a little help from our little friends

The brew day went without incident, we even got a 3-man game of Yahtzee! in.  The only issue (and this is likely from the different mash) was that our OG was lower than before… this won’t be an issue as long as our FG is lower as well.  As of this morning, less than 12 hours later, the beer is fermenting in full swing.  We look forward to sharing it with you in a few weeks.  We will also have at least a few bottles of Lupulus Texensis on hand too… we got to give it a try and wow, it’s pretty damn amazing for something fermented with flowers picked up the street.  If you like brett/funky beers, and you like hops, you’ll not want to miss it.  We will also have glassware for sale and stickers for free, so please come see us!  Until then, cheers!

A bit low, but we'll take it

A bit low, but we’ll take it

Lupulus Texensis looking lovely

Lupulus Texensis looking lovely

Brew Day Playlist:
Atmosphere: Sad Clown Bad Dub 13
One Day as a Lion: One Day as a Lion
Wu-Tang Clan & Jimi Hendrix: Black Gold
Hammerbox: Numb

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s Alex aerating the wort!

Tasting event: Boardwalk on Bulverde

Hey everyone! On Saturday we had our 2nd public tasting event, this time at the awesome food truck park Boardwalk on Bulverde (14732 Bulverde Rd).  If you haven’t been there before, this weekend is their FOOD TRUCK THROWDOWN, so sounds like a good time to check it out!  The event was nice.  We had a shaded bar area, we got to use our banner for the first time, we served a BUNCH of beer, and we got a BUNCH of feedback!

Our set up, with our fancy schmancy new banner

Our set up, with our fancy schmancy new banner

Beers, waiting to be graded by the masses

Beers, waiting to be graded by the masses

We had a decent sized crowd that came in waves, so we’d have times with a lot of people at the table, and times with none.  This crowd also had a lot more interaction with us than the last crowd, which was made up more of people we knew.  This time there were a lot more people we didn’t know personally hanging out, and I feel that made for more honest and valid feedback.  Speaking of, the feedback was sort of what we expected.  The beers that we thought needed the most work got the lowest scores… but nothing scored “low”!  We were amazed once we tabulated the forms as to just HOW HIGH the people at BoB rated the beers!  Thanks guys and gals! *blush*

Our BoB Feedback...

Our BoB Feedback…

Fallen soldiers

Fallen soldiers

We also met some cool people that want to help us in the future with getting the word out, as well as some representatives from Four Corners Brewing Company, who brought us some of THEIR beer.  You guys rock!!!  We got to sell some glasses, and with the money we took in from that we ordered stickers (so you too can have your BBxB sticker soon!)  Other than the fact that it was SUPER DUPER HOT, this was a really fun event, and we want to thank everyone for coming out.  On top of that we had 50 new Facebook followers in less than 24 hours, so the word is getting out!

Ryan and Manny take a beer break outside the tent

Ryan and Manny take a beer break outside the tent

Awwww BoB, we love you too!

Awwww BoB, we love you too!

Speaking of getting the word out, we just applied to be a part of the Break Fast & Launch program, which is a “culinary business accelerator,” in other words they help us get going quicker.  If you could do us a solid and go here and tell them how cool you think we are, that might help us get in the program!  Anyone in the San Antonio area looking to get one of our glasses, email BBxBRyan@yahoo.com or BBxBManny@yahoo.com and we’ll make that happen.  In the meantime in-betweentime, we’ll leave you with the video Ryan made for B F & L.  Until next time…




Our First Public Event!

Hey everyone!  Thanks to those of you who made it out to Home Brew Party on Bandera for our first public event.  We really enjoyed meeting you and getting your feedback on the beers!  It seems overall we were well received, but there are some things to work on.  That’s exactly what we wanted to know – what can we make better, and what is working right now.  When we have these events, it’s not to make ourselves feel good or pat ourselves on the back, it’s to get good, usable feedback.  Feedback is a gift, positive or negative, so we were glad to get a lot of responses that weren’t just “It’s great!”

What we were pouring (plus Monogamous: Simcoe made it out there too)

What we were pouring (plus Monogamous: Simcoe made it out there too)

Feedback is a gift.

Feedback is a gift.

A few of the peeps that made it out... Hi Nicole and Troy!

A few of the peeps that made it out… Hi Nicole and Troy!

We had a decent sized crowd, and gave away the majority of the beer we brought with us.  The next event is Saturday, 7/18, from 3 – ??? at Boardwalk on Bulverde (14732 Bulverde Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247) and we’d love to see you there.  Please tell your friends.  The more people we can get there, the more honest feedback we can get, which will do nothing but make our beers better for you when you actually have the ability to buy some!  In the mean time, FREE BEER.  We will again have our 1st edition glass for sale for $6 as well.  Manny and I hope to see you, and your friends, and your friend’s friends… cheers!

Bottles as far as the eye could see.... if you are very short sighted.  Let's just say: bottles.

Bottles as far as the eye could see…. if you are very short sighted. Let’s just say: bottles.

Cheers from BBxB to you!

Cheers from BBxB to you!

Come try our beer! For free!!!

We are really excited to announce the first two opportunities to try yourself some BBxB!  Wednesday, July 1st, at Home Brew Party Bandera (8407 Bandera Rd, Ste 103) from 5-8 https://www.facebook.com/events/411086812419558/ we will be pouring Bogues Beauregarde, Cap’n ‘Murica, Inked, and Nebula from our Standard series. We will also have Tetahi e Waru Tekau, and a limited amount of Something Wild this way Comes from our Brazen series.  Glasses will be for sale for $6!


Our next event will be on Saturday, July 18th, at Boardwalk on Bulverde food truck park (14732 Bulverde Rd) from 3 – ??? https://www.facebook.com/events/1622071531394881/ and we will have the same beers, and possibly Monogamous: Citra if it is done in time!  Hope to see you soon!