Who We Are

BBxB is Manny Martinez and D. Ryan Mowry. Two friends that share a love for great food and great beer, they discussed their individual ideas for business, and combined them to form BBxB.


Manny sparging a batch of And the Answer is: None. None More Black.


Manny will use his familial background to infuse Puerto Rican flavors into high-class pub food, and bring a different twist to the local foods being served along with good beer throughout the county. The intention is to put the kitchen in a food truck so that it can be mobile on nights when the brewpub is not open, as well as not taking up space that could be used to serve brewing.


Ryan, stirring the mash on Mehoopany, iPA

Ryan has been brewing off and on since 2008, and has loved beer since going to high school in Germany and cutting his teeth on Dünkelweizen. After many years of brewing and getting great feedback, he finally decided to get serious about the craft when he was “challenged” by a co-worker. Throughout 2015 and 2016 he brewed extensively and provided his brews for free in exchange for feedback to make said brews better.

The next step for BBxB is to start finding investors that want to take this homebrewery and make it into a full-fledged brewpub!